Restaurant Review – W-Four

We’re continuing to sample some of the area’s very best dining experiences. This month, we’re going all Italian and visit the W-Four Restaurant in Wisbech…


W–Four is located in the historic area of Wisbech close to the Market Square, an unassuming location just a two-minute walk from a beautiful riverside area – perfect for an after-dinner stroll.

Inside, the restaurant might be small but it’s really well presented, with very comfortable leather chairs, a friendly and relaxing atmosphere – and it’s immaculately clean. A subtle mix of browns and creams run throughout the restaurant, and the modern decor is  reflected in the contemporary art on the walls and the tempting display of different alcoholic drinks taking centre stage.

It’s a very inviting first impression, and the waiting staff were equally friendly, promptly showing us to our table, and offering us drinks or a look at the wine list. They also warned us that a large party of diners was soon to arrive and would be sitting next to us, and considerately asked if we minded. Little touches like that make all the difference, but since we were in the mood for some atmosphere we didn’t move.

W-Four’s traditional Italian menu is  packed with pasta and pizza options, although (naturally enough) there aren’t too many choices for people who don’t like pasta – there were two fish dinners on the specials menu, however.

Given the restaurant’s speciality, it would have been wrong to choose anything but Italian. I duly choose the Spaghetti con Polpette di Calabrese (pasta with spicy meatballs) and my partner opted for the W-Four Amigo pizza, which featured mixed peppers, onion, chilli, spicy beef and pepperoni.

The main courses were simply outstanding – well presented, well proportioned, and full of taste and various flavours (for example, the spicy meatballs managed to be firey enough without taking anything away from the fusion of the other ingredients).

I’m not the world’s greatest pizza lover, but based on how delicious the pasta was, I tried some ofW-Four Restaurant my partner’s meal and was very impressed – it had obviously been lovingly prepared and cooked from scratch.

My partner actually chose to have another main dish rather than a dessert (I think he was jealous of how good my dish was!) and picked the Linguine con Pesto Genovese (herb and garlic pasta with a green bean and basil pesto).

I stuck to tradition and ordered the Crème Catalonia (a crème brulee type of dessert flavoured with cinnamon and mulled spices, topped with caramelised caster sugar).

As per the mains, the second pasta dish was once again perfect. The pasta tasted fresh and home-made, and the accompanying sauce (there was plenty of it) was delightful.

My only regret was that I didn’t copy my partner, as the dessert was a little disappointing. The flavour was beautiful, but the heavy texture seemed odd. It may well have been my fault, since the menu did say it was a crème brulee ‘style’ dessert, but I have to say I didn’t enjoy it.

The service couldn’t be faulted – each course arrived promptly, the staff were very friendly and courteous and we felt very comfortable and well looked-after throughout – despite the large party next to us.

To be honest, we were astonished when the bill arrived at only £48.85, which was incredible value for money considering the quality of food we had (we’d also ordered some alcoholic drinks). 

The only thing preventing W-Four scoring top marks across the board was my dessert  – it’s a lovely restaurant that manages to serve truly fantastic food in a very attractive setting.

1 Exchange Square, Wisbech
Cambridgeshire PE13 1RA
Telephone: 01945 584454      

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One Response to Restaurant Review – W-Four

  1. Jacqui Reynolds says:

    I have eaten at this restaurant many times and the service and food is always excellent. The staff make you feel very welcome and I have recommended W4 to many friends. The fish dishes are a particular favourite of mine and although I am not really a pudding person I just cant resist them at W4. My work takes me all over the country and I can honestly say this is my favourite night out both for the food and the very friendly service.