Bang Bang Chicken Skewer

by Gemma Arnold, Executive Head Chef at Thornham Deli


(Serves 2)

  • Two chicken breasts cut in half lengthways
  • 4 x 6” bamboo skewers
  • 100g satay marinade


  • 100g satay marinade
  • 50g smooth peanut butter
  • 400ml coconut milk

Oriental Vegetable Salad

  • 1 carrot - grated
  • 50g mangetout - shredded
  • 1 courgette - shredded
  • 1 Chinese leaf - shredded
  • Bean sprouts
  • 2 bok choi - shredded
  • Splash of sesame oil
  • Splash of soya sauce


  • Micro cress
  • Chopped smoked house mix nuts


  1. Thread the chicken onto the skewers and marinade with the satay. Repeat this process with all four bamboo skewers.
  2. Bring the coconut milk to the boil whisk in the peanut butter and the satay until thickened
  3. Place all the vegetables into a bowl then add soy sauce and sesame oil to taste
  4. Chargrill the marinated chicken skewers until they meat is crispy and browned on the outside.
  5. Place the oriental vegetable salad on the plate.
  6. Now place the chicken skewer on top of the salad, drizzle the satay sauce over the skewer and finish the dish off with smoked house mix nuts and micro cress.
A mandoline is perfect for shredding, but be extremely careful with your fingers and stop before you reach the end of the vegetable(s)
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