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Your January/February edition is a great read and includes everything from celebrity antiques experts, local painters and visionary conservationists to ruined churches, local museums and stunning landscapes. Oh, and even a dinosaur or two.

January's Highlights

A charming ruin and a fascinating story

There are over 100 ruined churches in Norfolk, which has the greatest concentration of medieval …

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The story of the little railway with the big idea

Norfolk once had a vast network of railways, although by the end of the 20th century over two …

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Changing the world one step at a time

Since arriving on the Holkham Estate just over three years ago, Jake Fiennes has seen his radical …

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Picking up the pieces of Norfolk’s prehistoric past

If you’ll excuse the pun, the coast of west and north Norfolk is awash with fossilised memories of …

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The captivating life of a leading lepidopterist

A true pioneer, Norfolk-born Margaret Fountaine spent her life travelling the world collecting …

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The cultural institution of Lynn lost to history

In the centre of King’s Lynn lies the former Post Office, which has been closed since 2007, but it …

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