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Your January/February edition contains a wonderful mix of fabulous photographs, fascinating features and inspirational people - including the history of notable buildings such as Narford Hall and Thetford Priory, a look at the great strides women have made in space, the local visit of the most famous skeleton in the world, a fascinating royal river trip, a trip down one of the most historic streets in King's Lynn, and a profile of man from Wisbech who helped change the world. And a lot more.

January's Highlights

The fascinating story of Narford Hall

It’s one of Norfolk’s grandest houses, but it’s also one of its least known. Once a genuine …

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A perfect example of community spirit

Tucked away in the middle of west Norfolk you’ll find Great Massingham, a traditional country …

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Boldly going where few women have been before

Think of an astronaut and you’ll probably think of a man, but as Philippa Sillis of the King’s Lynn …

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The last remains of a fascinating history

Today the atmospheric ruins of Thetford Priory are a popular visitor attraction, but few people …

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The history of King’s Lynn in a single street

It will take you about five minutes to walk the length of King Street in King’s Lynn, but in that …

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The local man who helped end slavery

Thomas Clarkson was born in Wisbech and a winning entry to an essay-writing competition propelled …

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