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Norfolk is one of the most important counties in the UK for nature and wildlife - where seven of the ten most elusive animals in the country can be found. Internationally-important bird reserves, historically-significant woodlands, and a multi award-winning coastline. It's unspoilt, it's unrivalled, and it's waiting for you to discover!


Brightening Norfolk’s fields - and people’s lives

When Belmont Nurseries opened one of their tulip fields last year, over 5,000 people flocked to see …

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An inspirational woman in a changing world

We’re becoming increasingly aware that carbon emissions and their impact are vital issues in the …

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Picking up the pieces of Norfolk’s prehistoric past

If you’ll excuse the pun, the coast of west and north Norfolk is awash with fossilised memories of …

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The captivating life of a leading lepidopterist

A true pioneer, Norfolk-born Margaret Fountaine spent her life travelling the world collecting …

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Changing the world one step at a time

Since arriving on the Holkham Estate just over three years ago, Jake Fiennes has seen his radical …

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The natural wonders of Houghton Hall

The white fallow deer at Houghton Hall are one of the most distinctive sights in Norfolk, but …

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Looking after Blakeney’s enduring natural beauty

With thousands of visitors, animals and birds flocking to Blakeney every year a dedicated team is …

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Welcome to the future of the UK’s nature recovery

This year’s season of the BBC’s hugely-popular Springwatch brought the initiatives of the team at …

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The story of one of our best-loved flowers

Lavender has been growing in Norfolk for the best part of 2,000 years, and it’s now considered …

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The sad decline of one of our favourite birds

If you’ve seen a sparrow lately you can count yourself lucky, because as Norfolk Wildlife Trust …

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A riot of colour and a feast of royal beauty

It’s that time of year when the Sandringham estate is arguably at its most attractive, with …

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One of our most valuable natural resources...

It’s surprising that the pinewood at Holkham is little more than 200 years old, but it’s even more …

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Enjoying the wonders of Reffley Wood

Britain has lost around 50% of its ancient woodland since the 1930s, but a precious number remain, …

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Spectacular wildlife and stunning views

Lead Ranger for the Norfolk Coast and Broads Team at Blakeney Natural Nature Reserve Stephen Prowse …

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Wataunga Nature Reserve

Taking a local walk on the wild side

In the middle of west Norfolk, Ed and Anna Pope have created a wildlife reserve to protect and …

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A lovely image of Foxley Wood by Richard Osbourne

The wonders of Norfolk’s largest ancient woodland

With parts of it dating back some 6,000 years, Foxley Wood is one of the most beautiful areas of …

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An image of the Holkham estate's herd of fallow deer

The beauty of the Holkham estate’s fallow deer

Although the Palladian grandeur of Holkham Hall is of national importance, the beautiful herd of …

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Iamge of the pond frog which has been identified as a native species thanks to its distinctive local accent

Meet the frog with a Norfolk accent

It was thought to be a foreign import and to have become extinct over 20 years ago, but the pond …

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Dersingham bog sunset

The enduring beauty of Dersingham Bog

There are very few areas of true wilderness left in west Norfolk, but at Dersingham you can find …

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Top down saltmarshes image

When local nature paints its own landscapes

The north Norfolk coast contains a breathtaking range of inter-tidal sand and mudflats, salt …

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Welney Swan feeding

Welney’s unmissable spectacle of swans

Every year, over 10,000 birds descend on the Welney Wetland Centre near Downham Market for a winter …

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The tradition and the future of Cley Marshes

It’s been the centre of a reed-cutting industry for centuries, and it’s now been called the Great …

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Portrait of Humphry Repton

Humphry Repton’s favourite & darling child

The great landscape designer Humphry Repton completed over 400 commissions during his illustrious …

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Aerial shot of Holme coastline

Bitterns, butterflies, barn owls and Butlins...

Shaped by both man and the elements, it’s one of the most beautiful coastal locations in Norfolk – …

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A seal laying on the beach

A record-breaking year for our local seals...

Despite the increasing amount of human intervention and plastic pollution, our local seal …

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