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Whether you're interested in natural beauty and wildlife, history and culture, stunning architecture or unique sights, Norfolk has something exciting to offer everyone - even people who've lived here all their lives! Here are just a few of our very favourite places - and we'd love to know if we've missed anything!

Top Attractions

Discover the ultimate Norfolk road trip

In little more than 100 miles you can pass through some of the most beautiful landscapes, towns and …

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100 years of game, set and match in Hunstanton

With over 1,000 players competing every year, the Hunstanton Lawn Tennis Tournament is the largest …

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A stunning street with extraordinary tales to tell

With its wealth of magnificent historic buildings, Queen Street in King’s Lynn is a truly …

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A fine village church with a sea of rare treasures

With its wealth of history and wildlife and strong community feel, St Mary’s is the beating heart …

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Reaching great heights for even greater sights

With temperatures dropping as winter approaches, the highest points of Cromer Ridge in north …

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The very last traces of Appleton’s long history

Sitting unobtrusively on the outskirts of Sandringham, the ruins of St. Mary the Virgin are all …

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The many wonders of West Dereham’s church

With its imposing Norman round tower, its magnificent medieval architecture and its impressive …

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A new dawn rises over Oxburgh Hall

It’s taken five years and is one of the biggest projects ever undertaken by the National Trust, but …

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The ever changing face of Burnham Overy Staithe

It’s now one of the most beautiful and peaceful spots in north Norfolk, but 20,000 years ago the …

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A natural local wonder and a family tradition

Taking a trip around Blakeney Harbour to see the seals is a magical experience, but it’s even more …

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The very long story of Hunstanton’s cliffs

The White Cliffs of Dover are perhaps our country’s most famous cliffs, but Hunstanton’s are easily …

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Born in Norfolk and immortalised in history

Blickling Hall is one of the most popular stately homes in Norfolk, but it’s also one of its most …

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From knights to kings: the priory of West Acre

A solitary gatehouse and a few walls close to the church of All Saints at West Acre are the only …

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The perfect mix of the past and the present

Norfolk has some of the most beautiful and historic towns in the whole country, but few of them can …

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The mill that inspired a children’s classic

The tower windmill at Burnham Overy Staithe is one of the most iconic sights along the north …

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A perfect example of community spirit

Tucked away in the middle of west Norfolk you’ll find Great Massingham, a traditional country …

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The troubled history of Binham Priory...

Its atmospheric ruins are hugely impressive, but the remains of Binham Priory disguise a …

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Wells-next-the-sea harbour at Christmas

An iconic location and a rich maritime history

At one time the harbour of Wells-next-the-Sea was one of the most important ports in the country, …

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Royal connections and military heroes

Dedicated to the saints Peter and Paul, the beautiful church of West Newton sits on the royal …

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Part of a marble relief from Herculaneum, which was destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79AD

Wisbech & Fenland Museum

From the very first, museums were intended as a way of bringing a weird and a wonderful world …

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Walsingham Abbey

Walsingham Abbey

It was one of Norfolk’s most important religious sites and was once one of the most popular …

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The restored church of St Mary at Houghton-on-the-Hill

St Mary's, Houghton-on-the-Hill

Today it’s one of the most important churches in East Anglia, attracting visitors and academics …

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Sandringham House exterior

Sandringham House

Today, Sandringham is one of the most famous royal residences in the world, and it’s hard to …

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Downham Town Clock Tower at night

Downham Market Clock Tower

Presented to the town by a local businessman, it’s been at the centre of social and civic life in …

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Brancaster beach aerial

Brancaster Beach

It’s been home to Romans and smugglers, endangered birds, a major maltings industry – and it could …

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Wells-next-the-sea beach huts


With its immediately recognisable and distinctive landmark of a massive red brick granary and …

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Trues Yard museum at night

True’s Yard Fisherfolk Museum

This museum in King’s Lynn is dedicated to a disappeared community, virtually all that remains of …

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Inside the Shell Museum at Glandford

The Shell Museum at Glandford

Exquisite seashells, a collection of fossils and birds’ eggs, local archaeological finds and works …

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King's Lynn Minster

The Minster, King's Lynn

It’s been the defining feature of the skyline of King’s Lynn for almost a thousand years, and it’s …

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Guannock Gate

Walking through a gateway to the past

Today it’s an ornamental feature in one of the area’s most important public spaces, but there was a …

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The unique wonders of Oxborough’s church

Almost destroyed during a storm 170 years ago, the greatest treasures in the church of St John the …

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Sandringham Church Interior

St Mary Magdalene, Sandringham

The church of St Mary Magdalene in Sandringham is regularly attended by the royal family when they …

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Oxburgh Hall Exterior Night Time

Oxburgh Hall

It may have been built during the Wars of the Roses, protected by a moat and given some imposing …

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King's Lynn Town hall at night

King’s Lynn Town Hall

Perfect for all events from weddings to conferences and concerts, this range of buildings on the …

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Hourses on Holkham Beach

Holkham Beach

A seemingly infinite stretch of golden sands running down to the blue-green waters of the North …

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Castle Rising

Castle Rising

Castle Rising is home to one of the most famous 12th century castles in England - and is owned by …

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View of Blickling Hall

Blickling Hall

What more could you want from a Norfolk country estate? A beautiful house, a colourful history, a …

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