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To say Norfolk has a unique history is something of an understatement. When the oldest human footprints outside of Africa were discovered at Happisburgh in 2014, our country could boast the earliest known human settlement in the whole of northern Europe. Significant events, important buildings, influential personalities, groundbreaking innovations - you'll them all on our doorstep!


Maharaja Duleep Singh enters his palace in Lahore, India in 1846 escorted by British troops

From exiled Maharaja to Norfolk aristocrat

Just how did the ruler of one of the most powerful empires in India become a country gentleman in …

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The skull of Eugene Aram is now on display in the Stories of Lynn museum in King's Lynn

The schoolteacher who hid a deadly secret

He may have been a notable academic with a promising future, but when Eugene Aram was arrested at …

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A contemporary painting of the execution of Marie Antoinette on October 16th 1793

The very strange history of Charlotte Atkyns

She was the daughter of Britain’s first prime minister, an actress, lady of Ketteringham Hall, and …

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An illustration of Pocahontas saving the life of John Smith

Tracing the Norfolk links of a Native American princess

Pocahontas the most famous Native American woman in history and is featured everywhere from the …

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A rare pencil sketch of William Nelson

The less-than-heroic life of the ‘other’ Lord Nelson

The death of Horatio Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar was seen as a national tragedy, but in …

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In 1919 Olive Edis took this portrait of Miss Mellor, Ambulance Convoy Commandant at Etaples in France

Olive Edis and a picture of inspiration

From the fishermen of north Norfolk to the crowned heads of Europe, Olive Edis used photography to …

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An inscription on the tower of the library in King's Lynn

A unique memorial to a lost generation

King’s Lynn Library is a beautiful building, but few people are aware of the fascinating and …

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The statue of Henry le Strange in the centre of Hunstanton

Paying tribute to the man who created Hunstanton

In the mid 19th century, Henry le Strange had the vision of a new seaside resort on the coastline …

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The Custom House in King's Lynn is one of Henry Bell's most famous buildings

How Henry Bell changed the face of King’s Lynn

A contemporary of Sir Christopher Wren, the multi-talented Henry Bell was inspired by his European …

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The title page from the first edition of Fanny Burney's book Evelina

A family of musicians, explorers and writers

They only lived in King’s Lynn for a decade, but the remarkable and multi-talented Burney family …

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Didlington Hall

The house of treasures that led to Tutankhamen

When Howard Carter opened the tomb of Tutankhamen and saw “wonderful things” he may well have been …

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Painting of the Durham White ox

The farming days when size really did matter...

We tend to view 19th-century paintings of massive cows and oversize pigs as rather naive artworks …

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Picture of a couple of Skaters

Revisiting the golden age of Fen skating

Over winter in the mid-19th century, the Fens were home to one of the area’s most exciting and …

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Painting of the capture of Puerto Bello 21 November 1739

On His Majesty’s not-so secret service...

Today’s European politics have nothing on life in the 18th century, when international trade deals …

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Depression in landscape

Are these bomb craters, shrieking pits or pingos?

Spotting several mysterious depressions in a number of local fields, Russell Lyon set out on a …

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Landscape village shot

A new story for a long-lost ancient village

The history of the vanished village of Godwick is etched into this peaceful pastureland south of …

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