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To say Norfolk has a unique history is something of an understatement. When the oldest human footprints outside of Africa were discovered at Happisburgh in 2014, our country could boast the earliest known human settlement in the whole of northern Europe. Significant events, important buildings, influential personalities, groundbreaking innovations - you'll them all on our doorstep!


The hidden gem reclaimed by nature

Beneath the foliage and overgrowth of Norfolk’s countryside lies a seemingly indistinct church, …

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Striking shots of Downham’s past and the man behind the camera

Capturing everything from festivals and fishing to fires, Herbert Raby used photography to document …

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The proud local voices keeping maritime melodies alive

Sea shanties carry a rich maritime heritage that harks back to the days when merchant seamen would …

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Tracing the tale of Castle Rising Castle

A fascinating fortress with a remarkable past, the striking keep at Castle Rising is brimming with …

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The remarkable tale of Red Mount Chapel

An iconic religious landmark standing proudly upon its hill, this grand medieval monument has been …

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The vital work that keeps a busy hospital running

Over the span of 70 years the League of Friends of the King’s Lynn Area Hospitals has raised …

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The night the sea invaded, and the heroes who helped

70 years ago, a merciless storm unleashed its full fury on our county’s coastal communities in one …

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Delving into Norfolk’s darker past

Our remarkable county is blessed with more than its fair share of unique landmarks, listed …

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Preserving the rich history of RAF Marham

Filled with incredible artefacts and driven by a passionate team of volunteers, Marham’s astounding …

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Exploring Norfolk’s historic hidden hoards

Norfolk is thought to be one of the most archaeologically important places in Britain, with …

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Blessed by nature. Made by man.

The Broads National Park is one of Norfolk’s genuine treasures and is enjoyed by millions of …

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What was normal for Norfolk in WWII

Culturally, geographically, artistically and politically Europe is still defined by the Second …

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The remarkable tales of a Tudor treasure

With its extravagant ornamentation and magnificent towers and turrets, the breathtaking manor in …

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A stunning street with extraordinary tales to tell

With its wealth of magnificent historic buildings, Queen Street in King’s Lynn is a truly …

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It’s time to celebrate caring and dedication

Courageous, compassionate and committed, nurses play a valuable role in our ever-changing world - …

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From East Gate to rubble and to rebirth

It once guarded the eastern approach to the centre of King’s Lynn, but the last remains of the …

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Bringing 600 years of history back to life

With the recent completion of a major project to restore and refurbish its nave screen, the …

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A special station saved by community spirit

Sitting on the fen line between King’s Lynn and Downham Market you’ll find a wonderful stop called …

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A different perspective on the history of Norfolk

Don’t think you’re familiar with our local landscape until you’ve seen it from the air, especially …

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Uncovering Norfolk’s unique treasure trove

We all know Norfolk is rich in history, but few of us realise just how rich and just how important …

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The story of the little railway with the big idea

Norfolk once had a vast network of railways, although by the end of the 20th century over two …

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A charming ruin and a fascinating story

There are over 100 ruined churches in Norfolk, which has the greatest concentration of medieval …

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The captivating life of a leading lepidopterist

A true pioneer, Norfolk-born Margaret Fountaine spent her life travelling the world collecting …

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Memories of Christmas past

As we prepare to celebrate the festivities, Alison Gifford takes a look back at what Christmas was …

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Lynn’s most haunted: the ghosts of True’s Yard

King’s Lynn has a rich heritage of eerie stories of witchcraft, murder, devilish apparitions and …

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Celebrating 175 years of first-class service

Unique, historic and bursting with colour and pride, the railway station at Downham Market is …

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Looking back at lost King’s Lynn...

In his forthcoming book, local historian Dr Paul Richards looks at how Lynn has changed over the …

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The west Norfolk coast: a literary sense of place

Heacham, Snettisham and Hunstanton are blessed with natural beauty and fascinating histories, but …

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The fascinating story of Stiffkey’s church

There used to be two churches on this beautiful spot in north Norfolk, but St John the Baptist can …

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A look at King’s Lynn during the plague years

In less than 10 years the Black Death killed up to 65% of Europe’s entire population, and it …

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Preserving the past and inspiring the future

In a rural corner of Norfolk, the History of Advertising Trust has assembled the largest collection …

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The huge achievements of Robert Walpole

300 years ago next month a man from west Norfolk became the country’s first and longest-serving …

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A local landmark telling the time of a lost past

The famous clock at Gaywood in King’s Lynn isn’t just a quaint decorative element from the start of …

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The love story of local-born Horatio Nelson & Emma Hamilton

Looking into the love affair that shocked the nation...

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Vaughan Williams

The history of Lynn and the sound of music

For hundreds of years the North End fishing community in King’s Lynn maintained a proud cultural …

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The last remains of a fascinating history

Today the atmospheric ruins of Thetford Priory are a popular visitor attraction, but few people …

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The fascinating story of Narford Hall

It’s one of Norfolk’s grandest houses, but it’s also one of its least known. Once a genuine …

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The history of King’s Lynn in a single street

It will take you about five minutes to walk the length of King Street in King’s Lynn, but in that …

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The local man who helped end slavery

Thomas Clarkson was born in Wisbech and a winning entry to an essay-writing competition propelled …

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The days when Christmas caught fire

Shortly before Christmas 1884, a devastating fire took hold in the centre of King’s Lynn – and …

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Howard Carter

Howard Carter: should we be celebrating now?

The discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb in 1922 ranks as one of the most astonishing discoveries of all …

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Oxburgh Hall

The hidden secrets of Oxburgh Hall

One of the National Trust’s most picturesque properties is giving up its secrets, as a major …

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RAF Sculthorpe aerial view

The lasting legacy of a proud military tradition

At one time Norfolk was home to over 50 airbases, but although they’re now living new lives, the …

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Maharaja Duleep Singh enters his palace in Lahore, India in 1846 escorted by British troops

From exiled Maharaja to Norfolk aristocrat

Just how did the ruler of one of the most powerful empires in India become a country gentleman in …

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The skull of Eugene Aram is now on display in the Stories of Lynn museum in King's Lynn

The schoolteacher who hid a deadly secret

He may have been a notable academic with a promising future, but when Eugene Aram was arrested at …

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A contemporary painting of the execution of Marie Antoinette on October 16th 1793

The very strange history of Charlotte Atkyns

She was the daughter of Britain’s first prime minister, an actress, lady of Ketteringham Hall, and …

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An illustration of Pocahontas saving the life of John Smith

Tracing the Norfolk links of a Native American princess

Pocahontas the most famous Native American woman in history and is featured everywhere from the …

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A rare pencil sketch of William Nelson

The less-than-heroic life of the ‘other’ Lord Nelson

The death of Horatio Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar was seen as a national tragedy, but in …

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In 1919 Olive Edis took this portrait of Miss Mellor, Ambulance Convoy Commandant at Etaples in France

Olive Edis and a picture of inspiration

From the fishermen of north Norfolk to the crowned heads of Europe, Olive Edis used photography to …

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An inscription on the tower of the library in King's Lynn

A unique memorial to a lost generation

King’s Lynn Library is a beautiful building, but few people are aware of the fascinating and …

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The statue of Henry le Strange in the centre of Hunstanton

Paying tribute to the man who created Hunstanton

In the mid 19th century, Henry le Strange had the vision of a new seaside resort on the coastline …

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The Custom House in King's Lynn is one of Henry Bell's most famous buildings

How Henry Bell changed the face of King’s Lynn

A contemporary of Sir Christopher Wren, the multi-talented Henry Bell was inspired by his European …

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The title page from the first edition of Fanny Burney's book Evelina

A family of musicians, explorers and writers

They only lived in King’s Lynn for a decade, but the remarkable and multi-talented Burney family …

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John Lindley illustration

The Norfolk man who helped save Kew Gardens

In 1830, the first flower shows were held in England, organised by the Norfolk-born botanist John …

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Didlington Hall

The house of treasures that led to Tutankhamen

When Howard Carter opened the tomb of Tutankhamen and saw “wonderful things” he may well have been …

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Painting of the Durham White ox

The farming days when size really did matter...

We tend to view 19th-century paintings of massive cows and oversize pigs as rather naive artworks …

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Picture of a couple of Skaters

Revisiting the golden age of Fen skating

Over winter in the mid-19th century, the Fens were home to one of the area’s most exciting and …

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Painting of the capture of Puerto Bello 21 November 1739

On His Majesty’s not-so secret service...

Today’s European politics have nothing on life in the 18th century, when international trade deals …

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Depression in landscape

Are these bomb craters, shrieking pits or pingos?

Spotting several mysterious depressions in a number of local fields, Russell Lyon set out on a …

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Landscape village shot

A new story for a long-lost ancient village

The history of the vanished village of Godwick is etched into this peaceful pastureland south of …

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